Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

Short Vacation in Jogja

At this time, a week ago, I was spending my evening in Gudeg City, Jogjakarta. We had 3 days full of great vacation this time. Altough it was'nt my first went to jogja. This be special there was my lovely grandma who took this trip with us. I'm glad that she was looked happy and stronger than ussual. Enough story aboout my granny, I will tell you a lil short story trip during our vacation to jogja.

1st DAY
We started this trip at 6am from Madiun and arrived Jogja about 12am. The way we got are: Madiun-Ngawi-Sragen-Solo-Klaten-Jogja. I was slept in over a half during the way. I was goten up when we trough Ngawi. the road was soooo bad, soo weavy, and my head keep 'touch up' with car's glass window, that's why I got up--___--. Out of Ngawi we trough Sragen, alhamdulilah the road was going more soft and more. hehe. I was slept over again :P. And when I opened my eyes we was arrived at Jogjaaaaa. 

We was check in at Hotel Mutiara1 (I suggest this hotel because it's served very well, especially Mutiara2 B), it's located in malioboro street. It have beautiful scenery of malioboro, and in front of the hotel there was traditional orchest of art street. That's why I always choose this hotel. if you wanna take a look for others just visit this http://www.yogyes.com/id/). After check in, we went out to got lunch. At first, we would went to Mc D in secondstair in one of mall, but Granny was too affraid to take the lift or escalator, ooh, while i was in high stadium of hungerness. Then we walk again and again, there's another, but there was no left chair for us. Finally we found a not bad place to got lunch, I forget the name of that restaurant, but it's located in front of Ibis Hotel. Their spacial menu was Gudeg Special and Baked Dara. 

At evening we got dinner at Mie Pak Kadin, this noodle is not ussual noodle, you must try this! We went there by pedicab. ( I suggest to pick pedicab or The andong if you wanna go out arround and you'll get the sensation B), tp harus pinter2 nawar yeee ) I'ts took about 10 minutes from malioboro. After that we went to Alun-alun Keraton. I always love Jogja at night, it's sooo beautiful.

2nd DAY
We took a walk in the morning in maloboro street to got fresh air. During the malioboro street there are many replica of carving  in Indonesia who made by Indonesian artist. we took many picture of it.
And near the end of malioboro street (near alun-alun selatan keraton) there was  delicious Bubur ayam jakarta and we were try Mendoan (one of west java traditional food, u must try, it was soo delicious).

After that we visited Beringin kembar. There is Mythe between this trees. Whoever could past trough this trees in closed eyes, their dreams will comes true, insyaallah. Or other belive, whoever can past this in closed eyes, it mean they have a bright soul. Alhamdulilah I could past this, whatever the myth, we now live in the modern culture and we have Allah to believe.

At 8am, we went to Borobudur, it was took about 2 hour to go there. yeah, many carv was lost in borobudur, and there are alots of no head buddha carving. but instead of all we still could enjoyed anyway, we also enjoyed the beautiful scenery arround Borobudur. You also can surrounding borobudur by the train, I already knew that there is elephant's 'cage' and mini forest in borobudur because took this short trip train.

From Borobudur we went to Parang Tritis beach. It tooks about 2hours from borobudur. We were look arround the beach, we trough a little village before parangtritis, in that village, there is parang ireng, it looks like yard with pendopo in front of it. It used to hold traditional ceremony. 5 minutes later we arrived at the beach. So beautiful, yeah altough not as clean as I expected before. But we still happy anyway.

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